Dorie W.

Employee - Tier One Auto Supplier

When I moved back to Michigan 3 years ago HireTEC helped me find a job in no time. It had the perfect schedule, good pay & benefits. I've been working for the same company ever since. HireTEC truly is the BEST staffing agency!

Nick S.

Director of Operations - Tier 1 Plating Supplier

In considering staffing providers, you can rest assured with HireTEC, you will be working with a great organization that you can trust to do their best to get you the good people you need when you need them and to always be honest and straight forward with you as their client.

Shandre H.

Employee - Tier One Auto Supplier

I applied for job placement at HireTEC. I appreciated them for giving me a chance at employment. I've enjoyed my time working for HireTEC, because they're very professional.

Tammy O.

HR Manager - Insurance Restoration/Construction Company

I have had the pleasure of working with the HireTEC team for nearly 10 years. I consider the HireTEC team a valuable partner and an extension of our internal HR Department. Our industry requires rapid response times to our clients, which means personnel is often needed last minute and after 5:00 pm. HireTEC has been able to consistently deliver the right people at the right time. Their dedication to my team’s success puts them in a league above the competition. In considering staffing providers, you can rest assured that with HireTEC you will be working with a reputable organization you can trust.

Burlrando P.

Former Employee

Just wanted to say thank you to HireTEC for getting me into the door at a Tier 1 supplier. After getting hired into the Tier 1 supplier I became a team lead. After a year I became a supervisor and currently in charge of new vehicle quality launches for the big three. I would not be in this position if it was not for HireTEC giving me such an amazing opportunity.

Edina D.

Operations Manager - Tier 1 Quality Assurance Supplier

I have been utilizing HireTEC Inc for over 5 years to provide our company with quality inspectors, team leads and various other positions in our company. I have found them to be a valuable partner and asset in helping us in get good people when we need them. Our needs are ever changing, sometimes last minute and HireTEC has been able to consistently be counted on to deliver what is needed when it is needed.